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In this section you can see my paintings that are available for purchase. You can read more about them in the blog section! If you are interested in my work, and you would like to order a unique painting, or if you are interested in my already finished works, feel free to contact me!

Starship first test flight
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On the 20th of April 2023, the first complete Starship/Super Heavy rocket system took to the skies for the first time.

For a very long time I wanted to paint Starship in all its glory, as a basic idea as a silhouette, just in black, white, yellow and brown. Due to other tasks and circumstances, I ran out of this idea, so I used the supplies I had at home. This is how the colours ended up on black canvas, as well as the Super Heavy Booster 7 and Ship 24 photographed during the first test flight.

40×80 cm stretched canvas, acrylic, various techniques.


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Sminthuridae - collembola
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Without a subject, I experimented with bokeh on this canvas, it just stood there for a while with its little spots.
I thought a lot about what would give the image essence, where to put the focus.

30×30 cm, canvas, acrylic, various techniques.

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The strongest quake on Mars measured by the InSight spacecraft.
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A complex image, in which I have tried to represent the strongest seismic activity on Mars detected by the InSight.

40×40 cm, stretched canvas, acrylic, structure paste, various techniques.

InSight landed on the 26th of November in 2018 on the Elysium Planitia on Mars. Its mission was originally planned for a 2-year duration, which was extended for another 2 years in January 2021.

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Voyager 2: A visit to Neptune


I started this picture in May 2018, the shade of the blue in the background has changed since then, but the idea of Voyager has remained the same.
The Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 twin spacecraft were built for a five-year lifetime. Voyager 2 was launched on 20 August 1977, 16 days before Voyager 1, and both are now well beyond their original destinations.
Their primary missions were to explore Jupiter and Saturn.
50 x 40 cm, stretched canvas, acrylic.

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Jupiter with its four Galilean moons


I have painted the moons based on their distance and size from Jupiter, but of course their proportions do not reflect the reality.
For the black, I used my favourite, musou black.
The planet was painted based on the photos of the eighth close encounter from the Juno spacecraft.

50×50 cm stretched canvas, acrylic, various techniques

A painting inspired by the Planetary Conjunction in the summer of 2022.
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Planetary Conjunction


Inspired by the 2022 Summer planetary alignment. The interesting thing about this event is that the planets visible to the naked eye were seen in order of their distance from the Sun, from east to west.

30×60 cm stretched canvas, acrylic.

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Binary Star


I’ve been planning a blue giant or two for a long time, and I combined them with structure paste. The whole image is fictitious, and based on the knowledge I’ve had so far. I’ve done it with brush and airbrush.

40×50 cm stretched canvas, acrylic, airbrush, silk matt varnish.